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Crossover Fan Fiction

Xover!Crack for the Crossover Junkie in All of Us

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Crossover Fan Fic for the Crossover Junkie
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This community is dedicated to authors and readers of crossover fan fiction. Anything is welcome here, any fandom, the only requirements are that all stories are crossovers.

Here, you may discuss crossovers, issue challenges and post icons, pictures and crossover fics of any length.

There are a few rules about posting fan fiction to the community.

Fan Fiction Posting Rules

  1. Only post Crossovers. This community is for crossover fan fiction; if your story is not a crossover, then it does not belong here. There are plenty of places for single fandom stories, please post your story there.

  2. No Flaming. Period, end of discussion. Flames are unacceptable and anyone who
    flames will be banned from the community.

  3. Only post your own writing. If you wish to recommend someone else's work, then please
    post a link to the website or the journal entry where the fic is posted. And please, only
    link to public journal entries.

  4. The following format should be followed when posting a story:
    • All fiction posted should be labeled as fiction by having the word FIC in the subject line.

    • The subject line should include the title of the story, the rating, and the fandom(s)
      being crossed (if possible). Here is an example of a proper subject line: [FIC] Crossover Title, PG, Harry Potter/Stargate.

    • The following format should be used to label the story within your post:
      Pairings (if applicable)
      Character(s) (if applicable)

      Very Important: You MUST identify the fandoms that are being crossed-over in your story. You can do this by tagging your story or by including the information in the above header.

      Also important: even if you are posting the second or third part of a previously posted story, you must include the above header and identify the fandoms (either in the header or by the use of tags.) Not everyone on the list is familiar with every single fandom out there. Don't assume that people know what and who you're writing about.

    • Please identify if your story is Het or Slash. Some people would prefer to avoid one or the other. If such is not specified, then it will be assumed that the story is gen-fic.

    • You MUST include a warning if your story contains anything that others might find offensive (such as rape, non-con, extreme violence, character death, etc)

    • Anything longer than a 100 word drabble and anything NC-17 should be kept behind an lj-cut tag.

  5. If you are posting a recommendation, please make a note of that in the subject
    of the journal entry. You may simply put REC, or FIC REC, or
    Recommendation, or whatever as long as it conveys that you are reccing fic.

  6. When posting Recommendations, please post them the same way a fic would be posted,
    following the guidelines above.

  7. All work posted will be TAGGED by the person posting the entry. This makes it easier for people to find certain stories and reading material that they are most interested in reading.
    • Tagging your story is easy. Simply add the tags when adding your post or select the link to "Edit Tags" after posting your story.

    • Tags must reflect everything that is being crossed over. For example, if you are crossing over Harry Potter with Stargate SG-1, please tag with both "harry potter" and "stargate sg-1", not just one or the other. You can use multiple tags by typing them with a comma between them, or holding down the "Ctrl" key while selecting them from the list to select multiple tags. If you want to hide what you are crossing over, use the "surprise" tag.

    • Tags should reflect rating and category as well. Please see this entry for more information on these tags.

  8. Please compile all chapters into one post if you have several to post once so as not to spam the community. Also remember to link back to older chapters if you are updating a fic you have been working on for some time.

  9. Do not lock your posts to prevent people from commenting, even if you only want people to comment on the linked journal. This keeps mods from being able to help you fix any mistakes you make in your post, so the post will have to be deleted without offering you a chance to correct your mistakes.

  10. Multi-fandom RP promos are allowed. Just use the "!rpg" and "!promo" tags. Promos to other crossover communities, like series-specific crossover communities, are allowed. Again, just use the "promo" tag, and the tag or tags of the series the comm is for. Promos of RPGs that are specific to only one fandom, or general writing communities, are not allowed. We'll grant leniency in the latter case if crossovers are allowed in your comm or you're offering tools and tips for crossover writers.

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